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Saturday, July 13, 1pm: Indian Street Food with Chetna Macwan of Spice Culture Cooking
Saturday, July 13, 1pm: Indian Street Food with Chetna Macwan of Spice Culture Cooking

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When one visits another country, one of the most memorable aspects of the trip is the food, and the best way to fully experience an area is by eating like a local. Street food is often the most authentic and delicious food to try, and Indian street food is no exception. There are so many different cultural influences on Indian Food. In addition to that the Portuguese, the Persians and the British made important contributions to the Indian culinary panorama. Indian cuisine is also augmented by the influence of varied religions. Indian food has been influenced by various foreign occupants and invaders – Portuguese, Persians and British, to name just three – so what better place to taste some history than on the streets of India. Chef Chetna, founder of Spice Culture Cooking, will be sharing some of her favorite local and fusion-style Indian street foods this July at COOK. Chetna aims to inspire home cooks to create dishes outside their comfort zone. Chetna’s menu includes a Hariyali chicken taco with a garlic chutney and seasoned yogurt sauce (Indian style herb chicken in an Indian style taco); vegetarian Bombay frankie (Indian version of a veggie wrap that is a quintessential street food item); bhel chaat (a sweet and savory crunchy salad with mixed veggies, chutneys, puffed rice and noodles); jalebi (cardamom and saffron infused type of funnel cake) with a masala chai and nankhatai (pistachio and cardamom shortbread biscuits). Plus, enjoy an Indian-inspired bourbon cocktail, perfect for a hot summer day. Recipes will be provided, in addition to a special gift very commonly found on the streets of India.