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Tuesday, January 9, 7pm: Nyonya Dinner with Ange Branca of Saté Kampar
Tuesday, January 9, 7pm: Nyonya Dinner with Ange Branca of Saté Kampar

Price $160.00

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In the 15th century, the close trading relationship between Malaysia and China resulted in a royal marriage between the Sultan of Melacca, Malaysia and a princess from the Ming Dynasty. The princess’s royal entourage of nobles and servants settled in Malaysia and eventually grew into a class of Straits-born Chinese known as Peranakan. Over centuries, Babas (Peranakan males) and Nyonya (Peranakan females) developed a distinct fusion of language, culture and food. Taste the unique blend of the two cultures at this Nyonya Dinner, prepared by Ange Branca of Saté Kampar. Located in the heart of East Passyunk Avenue, Saté Kampar serves authentic Malaysian fare. How authentic? Chef-Owner Angelina Branca’s godmother is a recipe writer and preservationist, and many of the BYOB’s recipes come directly from Angelina’s hometown. Malaysia’s cuisine reflects its past, as a hub on the Spice Route, connecting China to Central, South and Southeast Asia; think of it as the original Asian Fusion, before such fusion became trendy in the West. Ange’s Nyonya feast includes pie tee/popiah with kaki babi ponteng and jeruk betik; nyonya laksa; sambal timun, ayam buah keluak, nasi ulam raja and two sambals (sambal cincaluk and ambal belacan); and a surprise Nyonya dessert. Please note this meal is Halal, with the exception of the kaki babi ponteng dish. Please note dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated.