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Thursday, April 20, 7pm: Rijsttafel-Style Dinner with Diana Widjojo and Ena Widjojo of Hardena, Hosted by Joncarl Lachman of Noord, Neuf and The Dutch

Price $150.00

Seats Remaining:SOLD OUT

Rijsttafel, a Dutch word that literally translates to "rice table", is an elaborate meal adapted by the Dutch, who, for a time, colonized Indonesia. Consisting of many small plates accompanied by various rice preparations, the rijsttafel dishes are undoubtedly Indonesian, although the custom was initiated by the Dutch in an effort to impress visitors with the exotic abundance of their colony. Here in Philadelphia, Joncarl Lachman of Noord has hosted a rijsttafel showcasing the local Indonesian spot Hardena, one of Lachman’s favorite go-to’s. This April, we are thrilled to bring the rijsttafel tradition to COOK – and that it will be hosted by the Darling Dutchman himself, Joncarl Lachman! Diana Widjojo and Ena Widjojo of Hardena will showcase Indonesian staples including gado gado (salad of blanched veggies in peanut dressing with water crackers); oseng tempeh (sauteed tofu and tempeh in sweet soy sauce); ikan belado (whole fish in red pepper sauce); beef rendang (six-hour beef stew in coconut milk and spices); and kang kung (sauteed watercress in shrimp sauce).